So it must be important to them on some

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We Are Customer Service Angels Self Help Articles | March 1 Minkah Fitzpatrick Dolphins Jersey , 2008
Magic Becky and Mooie Infinity, Second Life identities, joined forces again to commemorate Becky Rhone-Nowlan's new Electronic book entitled: Secrets Of The Second Fortune.This book is about Customer ...

Magic Becky and Mooie Infinity, Second Life identities Dan Marino Dolphins Jersey , joined forces again to commemorate Becky Rhone-Nowlan's new Electronic book entitled: Secrets Of The Second Fortune.

This book is about Customer Service in the Internet business world and explains that when we nurture our customers, we are perhaps doing the greatest service of all.

MInfinity: You said recently that you were interested in the spiritual aspects of Customer Service and that would be your next project.

MBecky: Not sure where I was going with that but am still up for going forward!!

MInfinity: So for the sake of the interview we can say that you are planning to go in that direction.

MBecky: It may even shake a cobweb or two loose!!

MInfinity: We are all customer SERVANTS. What are your thoughts about that? Have you ever heard of A Course In Miracle Prayer?

MBecky: I have heard of A Course in Miracles, yes.

MInfinity: This prayer--if used with reverence in the workplace would cause all disharmony in our relationships with people to disappear.

Here's the Prayer:

I am here only to be truly helpful I am here to represent Him Who sent me-- I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do Because He who sent me will direct me-- I will go wherever He sends me knowing He goes there with me-- I will be healed as He teaches me how to heal

MBecky: Very nice!

MInfinity: Service to others is the highest form of service!! And if we serve with a humble spirit, our motives will be pure.

MBecky: In that way Cheap Jake Rudock Jersey , anytime we have a customer, it is important to remember that they are the reason we are in business.

MInfinity: All people will appear precious in our vision of them. They are the most important people-how may we serve them?

MBecky: Yes, I think when dealing with people and customers we look at them through our own filters. I think to rise above that we need to remove the filters. I think that is how we get to the ideal that you are talking about.

MInfinity: This takes a tremendous dedication to self growth and self-discovery.

MBecky: Yes it does

MInfinity: As a nurse, my patients are my customers.

MBecky: It is all about the journey and we are the ones who create that.

MInfinity: But then again Cheap Dwayne Allen Jersey , I am the customer of the hospital, as an employee.

MBecky: Yes, that makes sense

MInfinity: In other words, the Customer Service Model must be upheld all the way across the board.

MBecky: And the patient is also a customer of the hospital.

MInfinity: The CS model being that we are all someone's customer!!!

MBecky: Customer Service and dedication to service begins at the top and trickles down. What the top thinks of customers is what you will find most of the others who work there think.

MInfinity: Ideally Cheap Tank Carradine Jersey , yes.

MBecky: That goes for lack of service too. And that isn't ideal.

MInfinity: We have one of the best CS ratings in the country where I work, at my hospital.

MBecky: If there is an issue in how patients or customers are being treated, I submit that if you go to the top, that's where you will find your problem and solution. How do the people at the top feel about their customers?

MInfinity: I believe the people at the top are so totally removed from the patient that in reality Cheap Eric Rowe Jersey , this CS excellence has started from the dedicated nurses who work at the patient's bedside.

MBecky: That is unusual in my experience. Let me ask you this: Who hires the nurses that are providing the excellent care?

MInfinity: Nurse managers who are still somewhat remotely involved with the patients.

MBecky: The reason I ask is that usually when people are hired in a company or corporation, there are certain similarities that are looked for. Those who are in service to their customers or patients even at the top levels will be looking for others who display the same skills.

MInfinity: I believe they are looking for that kind of excellence, yes.

MBecky: Which is how the trickle down effect usually works.

So it must be important to them on some level, other wise they wouldn't recognize it when they see it.

You see what is reflected from the inner.

MInfinity: And that is how it becomes a spiritual issue.

MBecky: Yes.

MInfinity: However Cheap Ryan Fitzpatrick Jersey , I can't say that the hospital is conscious of this. But on some level, higher forces are at play to make this a reality.

MBecky: That's like if we are having a particularly challenging morning, rushing around, you get stuck behind the slowest cars Cheap Josh Rosen Jersey , you spill your coffee or worse forget the coffee entirely. Then you get to work and the first customer or patient is a challenge, and you wonder why this is happening to you.

It all comes from the thoughts you think and the feelings you feel. As to the higher forces, it's all from within. So it's the higher selves involved with the upper echelon's of the hospital.

MInfinity: Since I have started working at the hospital, I am now a strong believer in the angels. I remember to pray for their assistance Cheap Michael Deiter Jersey , and the flavor of all interactions are deeper and kinder and have a flow to them than if I forget to do this. The higher echelons also respond to the angelic intervention.

MBecky: Of course, it is your higher self that is connecting to the forces and power of the angels.

MInfinity: Angelic forces are especially strong in places like a hospital or ANY place where we remember to call them in.

MBecky: That is very true. Customer Service Angels I like that.

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